Ocean and Surf

Lia wanted to upgrade her Wix website to something more professional. She was struggling with the design process and how to organize her content not to mention that her website was extremely slow due to her uploading settings.

She wanted to create an eshop, and portfolio to showcase her work. Together we developed her portfolio and will soon develop the eshop.


Phase 02

Before moving on to the development of the site, I go through the phase of creating mockups. Lia gave me her feedbacks 2 times and I started developing her website.


Previous work

In order to reassure her clients it’s important to show previous work that Lia did. We defined 5 categories and organized her photos within each category in a mansory gallery which make each photo look super stunning and profesionnal.


Who is behind ?

Artists tend to forget that not much people know them. It’s important for clients to see your face and know a bit more about who you are, it makes you more relatable. That’s why I always insist in creating an About page which is after the Home page the most visited page of your website!