Showcase website

Feminine, motivating, guilt-free

Dallas embarked on the project of a life time, becoming an author and as a friend I could only support her in her adventure. The initial goal of the site is to collect the most emails on the waiting list of I Belong Deeply To Myself to release the preorder date to potential futur readers. Eventually, the site will be converted into an e-shop to be able to sell the book directly online.


Phase 02

Before moving on to the development of the site, I go through the phase of creating mockups. Working with someone you know helps a lot during the design phase. Dallas is a very fresh, sparkling woman and for me she represents spring, the end of winter and the arrival of sunny days. We started with green, which is a comforting color and very impactful typography because the words of Dallas will fill this site, so they had to be highlighted by engaging fonts.


Who is she ?

To be able to convert visitors into customers, you have to establish a relationship of trust and this requires an introduction of who is behind the project.


Talk with the author

It is always important to have a contact page for potential collaborations!