After the redesign of her blog Sienna wanted to launch her swimwear brand. After years of showing that all women, regardless of their body, lifestyle, skin color… are beautiful. Sienna wanted to take the plunge and create something that could be worn by everyone! Sienna Swim was born out of her desire to make YOU feel beautiful


Simplified purchase process

The goal is to have no fuss. To make a purchase it’s very simple, there is a shop button, the home page sends you to this page. Everything is done so that you can find what you are looking for as quickly as possible. You can filter items by color, size, price.


Answers to your questions

In addition to having a detailed about section, it seemed obvious to answer your questions in a simple way. The accordion system adds dynamism and intuitiveness to the faq.

I call this website succesfull with almost all the items sold out in less than 48h and more than 50k views the first day of launch!