E-commerce site

Fascia reflexology

Fanny wanted to freshen up her site, after an evaluation of her site I decided to switch to another platform which, in addition to being more efficient, allows it to be easy to use!
We discussed her offerings and the goal she had with her new site. The goal was to explain her work as a reflexologist and fascia therapist so that site visitors know where to go according to their pathology. A simple approach for a facilitated user experience.


Touch fascia massage

Fanny offers 2 services on her site including the Touch Massage Fascias. I have created pages dedicated to her services which explain what will be done as well as the benefits, against indications. A visitor will easily find the answer to his questions and will know which offer to choose according to his objectives.


Describe in order to understand

As mentioned above, the more your offer has a detailed description, the more visitors will understand what you are offering and will be able to find what is right for them!


A simple tree structure

The goal being to help visitors find the service that suits them quickly, the reservation had to be simple. We therefore opted for a minimal tree structure to increase the conversion rate towards a reservation.