Branding + Graphic design

Responsible hairdressing salon

Claudine took on a challenge: to create a responsible salon with modernity and above all AUTHENTICITY

From name research to poster design, we have worked to bring the image of L’Authentik to life.

Logo design

Phase 02

I started to develop a lot of logo versions. Claudine gave me her feedback and I modified the one she appreciated the most to achieve the expected result

Final developments


Thanks to the descriptions + details that Claudine provided me, I was able to create a logo matching her vision. In addition to working on this, we have established a very precise graphic charter (which will remain secret because every good chef keeps his recipes hidden), I am revealing to you the emerged part of our work.


Arouse curiosity

It is difficult to thrive in a fast-paced environment such as hairdresser. By defining its objectives, and its identity, L’Authentik has found the clientele that suits it. As I often say, the difference is in the details, from the exterior poster to the interior design of the salon and its social networks, L’authentik makes you want to come and have your hair done!
There’s even a shampoo bar that lets you fill up your favorite products when they’re empty #protecttheplanet!