E-commerce site + portfolio

Enlightening your ocean vision

If you know me, you know my passion for the ocean and underwater photography. It was no surprise that I created website to sale my prints and offer my services during the whale season in French Polynesia as well as throughout the year in the world. All the projects I work on are related to the protection of the environment, my site had to highlight my work and values goals.


What am I capable of?

To reassure a client, I cannot say it enough, but you have to show the work that you have been able to achieve. I have a page dedicated to my portfolio divided into 2 parts, one for brands with whom I have been able to collaborate and one with individuals. Showing your expertise through visuals is IMPORTANT!


Who am I?

In addition to highlighting your work to reassure your potential future client, it is important to introduce yourself. An About page is necessary on your site to answer the first question everyone asks: “who is behind these creations?”


Selling photos

To go to the end of my objective and allow you to understand how much protecting the ocean is crucial, I am selling some of my photos, 10% of the sales are donated to an association that protects the Mediterranean. You hang part of the ocean on your wall and everyone who sees this photo will ask you questions, now it’s your turn to convince them that the ocean is not the home of man-eating shark, but rather the home of prehistoric species which do their best to survive what man puts them through!