Showcase website

Dedicated to the Ocean

When Andy from Coral Sea Foundation contacted me in January 2022, I was more than happy. After following their coral restoration process in Australia for a few years, I was more than motivated to work on the Sea Women site.


Phase 02

After a call with Andy to define the needs of Sea Women of Melanesia, I created 3 mockups: Home, About, Donation. These models are a representation of the future site, once sent, the whole team of Coral Sea Foundation & Sea Women of Melanesia informed me of the modifications they wanted to make to the future site. Then I then moved on to the design phase development!


A team of women only

The particularity of Sea Women of Melanesia is their 100% female team. In Papua New Guinea, as in many islands in the world, women do not work. Doing coral restoration is a wonderful project, but the fact that it is led by women makes it even more beautiful!


Help Sea Women of Melanesia

Like any organization, fundraising is the first source of income. Sea Women of Melanesia trains women from Papua New Guinea to dive, study marine biology, learn to do coral restoration, buy new equipment to be able to carry out their missions as well as possible. You can donate on their site.