Showcase site + booking

A 100% personalized experience

After the branding and the opening of the salon, we worked with Claudine on the creation of her site. She was using a site pre-designed by the booking platform she subscribed to, but after a few months, she wanted to change. So I had the opportunity to work on her site to make the best user experience friendly website before YOU come to take care of yourself.


Like home

With a selection of products made with time and lots of thoughts, Claudine wants to put you in a relaxing atmosphere when you come to L’authentik, she wanted her site to convey the same intentions.


Make an appointment

A simple booking process so you don’t waste time booking your self-love slot


Claudine – The creator

What I want to convey through my job is the passion of the people I work with. Claudine is not just L’authentik, she is a woman who created her profession, renovated her salon herself and she had a real approach to preserving the environment by finding the best products for you and the planet.