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Treasures of Tahiti

Working with passionate people like Perle is a pleasure. After working with a web designer, Perle called on my services to freshen up and optimize the site. I worked on the overhaul with great pleasure, every day we make sure to optimize the Tevei Perle site so that the treasures of the South Pacific Ocean are highlighted.


Who am I?

We often forget that a lot of traffic on a site is organic, which means that it comes from research by a user on the internet and not from your social networks. It is therefore important to think about describing yourself, talking about your project, your products, what you offer, since when you started … You reassure your potential future customer and all this information can also be used for your social networks


The Venus

Tevei Perle became known worldwide thanks to the creation of Venus, this V-shaped jewelry that highlights the neck and cleavage so well. Talking about your expertise is important, that’s why we have put forward this emblematic collection on the first page of the site.


Tahitian pearls

Highlighting the gold of the Pacific is a challenge for Tevei Perle. You will be able to find on the site all their original creations made in Tahiti