Site blog + portfolio

Simplicity, women empowering

Sienna wanted to update her blog which was not matching with her vision. The challenge was pretty hard as she gets thousands of visits every day. I had to rebrand everything, from the footer to the pop up message, it was a long process but the result is extremely appealing now! All of this happen in May 2022, Dallas, our mutual friend told me that an update was needed and later on Sienna mentioned a second project she had in mind, having an up to date blog was the first step before launching her new project


Phase 02

Before developing anything, I had to make sure that we agreed on the mockups. I developed something very minimalistic, and elegant to match with the fact that Sienna is now a grown up woman. The choice of working with browns and light beige is perfect to enhance the images used on the site.


Sienna is a public figure

Sienna is well-known from her followers on TikTok, but it’s hard to show brands your capability on social media. As a public figure having a Gallery to showcase your previous work and collaborations is ideal. I created this section to be able to show some of Sienna’s last modeling appearance. It’ll be updated throughout the years with new photos


Who is she?

I’ll never say that enough, but no matter what you do on your website, never forget the ABOUT section. It is one of the most viewed pages because everyone want to know more! You gain your futur clients trust through that page